Is There Really No Place Like HomeStreet? Pt. II

In the first of this two-part series on HomeStreet (NASDAQ: HMST) bank we took a look at some of the things impeding its path to greater efficiency and profitability.

Now, we go into depth on some of the things it has gotten right, attempt to place an approximate value on the bank holding company, and consider catalysts for its potential realization.

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Is there value in Hammond Manufacturing Co. again?

Electronic racks that hold servers, outlet strips, transformers… if you are still with me, then I commend you for not drifting off to sleep. Hammond (TSX: HMM.A) is a Guelph, Ontario-based electrical component manufacturer, wholesaler and distributor directly to original equipment manufacturers (OEM’s).

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Is There Really No Place Like HomeStreet? Pt. I

The MG2 re-branded thrift recently turned commercial bank founded in Washington State some 95 years ago has been through a resurgence of late with an expansion into southern California by way of the acquisition of Simplicity Bank completed last March, its CEO Mark Mason being named Seattle Business Magazine’s 2015 “CEO of The Year,” and a gradual improvement in its overall loan book.

We take a look to see if the former Continental Savings Bank can continue this positive momentum or if a return to its darker pre-2012 days may be ahead.

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3 Reasons Welltower Could Rise

Here ye’ here ye’ proud to announce i am now officially a Fool (Contributor/Analyst for ) But some already knew that;)

Tis’ the first in a five part series on Welltower, Inc. – the largest public healthcare REIT and the second largest in the US overall:


Flagstar Bancorp: Potential To Fly High

At first glance there is a whole lot to like about Flagstar (NYSE:FBC). The bank holding company is the largest headquartered in the state of Michigan, is the fifth largest savings bank in the country, and they are the official banking partner of the locally beloved and storied Detroit Red Wings NHL franchise…

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Manning & Napier: A Boutique Below Book Value

“Client focused for more than 40 years” is the tag line one reads upon visiting Manning & Napier’s (NYSE:MN) “about us” page. Given that the average lifespan of an investment manager is roughly 4.5 years, they must be doing at least something right.

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Taking A Look At Lazard

The firm’s history reads like a true to-life storybook. French immigrants arriving in middle 19th century New Orleans, Louisiana and with meager means establish themselves in business as dry goods merchants under the banner Lazard Freres & Co.

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An (updated) Warning & a few words

Thought the above scanned image from Charles Mackay’s 1841 print of Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds would be apt for this piece.

For those that personally know me, i am sound a lot like a broken record about now, as i have harped on about the Northern (Canadian) residential real estate market being distorted since at least 2012 (see here), so for those friends, acquaintances and skeptics alike who have not heard this before, i am going to play a “bubble card” and elucidate on a favorite topic once more for all to see – solely using organized, sourced facts and figures as per below:

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Scandals & Super Returns – A Primer

While recently embarking on a deep dive research project/paper on solvable, one-time corporate scandals which have shaken enterprises throughout history to their very core and the long-term result of investing in said businesses during such traumatic times in their respective histories; a most relevant and timely case study surfaced, as explained below:

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A Most Valuable Resource

Simply wanted to share a resource that i have found invaluable and endlessly enjoyable – the aptly titled “largest collection of value investing articles and documents on the web”.

Available papers range from Ben Graham’s works to Walter Schloss’s articles to Warren’s fabled partnership letters. If you want to become a better allocator of capital or just catch up on some timeless classics, this isn’t a bad place to start:

You’re welcome;)