Is there value in Hammond Manufacturing Co. again?

Electronic racks that hold servers, outlet strips, transformers… if you are still with me, then I commend you for not drifting off to sleep. Hammond (TSX: HMM.A) is a Guelph, Ontario-based electrical component manufacturer, wholesaler and distributor directly to original equipment manufacturers (OEM’s).

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An (updated) Warning & a few words

Thought the above scanned image from Charles Mackay’s 1841 print of Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds would be apt for this piece.

For those that personally know me, i am sound a lot like a broken record about now, as i have harped on about the Northern (Canadian) residential real estate market being distorted since at least 2012 (see here), so for those friends, acquaintances and skeptics alike who have not heard this before, i am going to play a “bubble card” and elucidate on a favorite topic once more for all to see – solely using organized, sourced facts and figures as per below:

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