Graham Theodor & Co. Annual Letter To Shareholders 2015

That time of year again, recounting the hits, misses, and complete whiffs (there were more of these than i care for) of the past year.

Via Graham Theodor & Co.

A Most Valuable Resource

Simply wanted to share a resource that i have found invaluable and endlessly enjoyable – the aptly titled “largest collection of value investing articles and documents on the web”.

Available papers range from Ben Graham’s works to Walter Schloss’s articles to Warren’s fabled partnership letters. If you want to become a better allocator of capital or just catch up on some timeless classics, this isn’t a bad place to start:

You’re welcome;)

Graham Theodor & Co. Ltd. Annual Letter to Shareholders 2014

Simply playing catch up and posting some material i have just not had a chance to in the first half of the year:/

Via Graham Theodor & Co.

P.S. My sincere apologies to all who had issues when attempting to click through via the previous link. I have (hopefully) just remedied the problem with the new direct link above.